Board of Directors Nominations Open


Downtown Oregon City Association is seeking energetic and dedicated volunteers to serve as voting members of its Board of Directors.

Available Seats

  • 3 Terms Ending December 2020
    • Current directors Zach Stokes and Brandi Shrives are seeking reelection.
  • 1 Term Ending December 2019
    • Replacing outgoing director Roger Nickerson
  • 1 Term Ending December 2018
    • Replacing Shauna Carter's Vacancy

Ideally, a minimum of two additional property owners, one community member, and one downtown business member will be elected. Members typically serve three-year terms.


  • Nominees must be dues-paying members in good standing. There are four current membership classes: Economic Improvement District ratepayer, downtown property, downtown business, and community which includes individuals and non-downtown businesses.
  • The board may not have a majority of classes represented. There may also not be a majority of professions represented.
  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply based on DOCA's adopted bylaws.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Learn about and promote the purpose and activities of the downtown revitalization organization.
  • Successfully meet the requirements of a background check.
  • Provide corporate/non-profit or area specific expertise to assist the board in decision making specific to the financial and operational success of the organization.
  • Maintain confidentiality with respect to the financial matters, corporate governance and proprietary information of stakeholders, partners, and employees.
  • Actively participate on at least one committee. 
  • Actively participate in specific activities or projects promoted by the board that may include: Fundraising, volunteer recruitment, representation on behalf of the program at meetings and/or events and participation in trainings and workshops. 
  • Attend regular monthly meetings of the board. 
  • Make an annual financial contribution. (Personal commitment or ability to raise money personally.) 
  • Stay informed about the purpose and activities of the downtown program in order to effectively participate in board decisions and fulfill responsibilities.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Nominations Committee Chair, Don Scott at (503) 802-1640 x112. The nominations committee will be meeting at the end of February to review applications and propose a slate of candidates. If the number of nominations exceed the number of available seats, all members in good standing will be mailed a ballot.

Jonathan Stone