8 Goals. 8 Ways to Get Involved.

Downtown Oregon City has made amazing progress over the past ten years – from tired mill town to 2018’s Great American Main Street Award winner. Yet, there is still so much more we can do to support our beautiful historic downtown and community.

To guide the next 5 years of growth and change, the Downtown Oregon City Association Board of Directors has identified the following focus areas and called for the formation of volunteer and partner groups to support the development, refinement, and implementation of projects and initiatives.

These volunteer Task Forces ensure that the future of Downtown Oregon City embodies the shared vision to become a destination district that embraces and enhances our small town charm.

Scroll below to learn about each Task Force. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about responsibilities and how groups are formed. Apply to each Task Force you are interested in. We will reach out to help you decide what will be the best fit for your interests and available time.

2018-19 Goals & Task Forces

Toby and Leanna at Coin Corner and Hobbies are part of the next generation of downtown independent business owners.

1. Strengthen Our Local & Independent Businesses

70 cents of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the local community. As our district continues to grow, we want to continue to enhance the unique products, experiences, and flavors offered by local and independent businesses. Buying local supports fellow Oregon City residents and entrepreneurs. Strong independent businesses are the heartbeat of our small town downtown.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Best of Oregon City in partnership with Chamber
  • Snowflake Raffle
  • Brews & Broomsticks Pub Crawl
  • Downtown Oregon City Gift Card

This group is responsible for:

  • Creating a cohesive marketing message
  • Identifying ways to enhance the destination quality of downtown's businesses
  • Increasing the frequency that residents from Oregon City and adjacent communities spend money
  • Taking advantage of the growing tourism market
  • Expanding the impact of DOCA’s new Gift Card program

Interested in the Local Business Task Force?

Do ideas like these musical swings inspire you? If so, this is the task force for you! Click here to learn more about this really fun installation in Montreal.

2. Increase Public Space & Play

When you think about your favorite places to visit, chances are they are anchored by great public places. Downtown’s only public spaces are underutilized. Access to public space is essential for our family-friendly vision. Visitors and locals linger longer, and enjoy themselves more, when given opportunities to explore, rest, and play at their own pace.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Elevator Experience

This group is responsible for:

  • Identifying opportunities to add new or enhance our existing public spaces, large or small, downtown
  • Increasing opportunities for all ages play and interactivity in downtown
  • Considering lighter, quicker, cheaper and pop-up as well as permanent enhancements and experiences
  • Partnering with restaurants and retailers to activate the streetscape
  • Enhancing pedestrian exploration

Interested in the Placemaking Task Force?

The Masonic Building is repainted in 2014 with the support of a grant that DOCA advocated for.

3. Enhance our Small Town Charm

It has taken many years of concerted effort to become a “Great American Main Street.” Our historic buildings, public art, street tree lights, and our friendly welcoming attitude are what set Downtown Oregon City apart from other towns.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Trick or Treat on Main Street
  • Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant

This group is responsible for:

  • Championing Oregon City as “Oregon’s Hometown” and highlighting Oregon City’s incredible history
  • Preserving and enhancing downtown’s historic charm
  • Monitor new development to ensure it complements existing buildings
  • Connecting property owners with opportunities to enhance their property’s character
  • Identifying opportunities to expand the charm of Main and 7th Streets to the remainder of downtown

Interested in the Small Town Charm Task Force?

A volunteer pressure washes downtown sidewalks in Spring 2018.

4. Ensure a Clean & Safe Downtown

Downtown Oregon City welcomes more visitors than it has in decades and is visited by people from all walks of life. Ensuring Downtown Oregon City is clean, safe, and well maintained is critical to cultivating a thriving place of commerce and community gathering place. We want the pride in our community to always be evident and to work with our partners to find equitable solutions for citizens in need.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Clean Team
  • Maintenance of Year-Round Street Tree Lights
  • Coordinating Trespass Agreements with Private Property
  • Partnering with Oregon City Homeless Solutions Coalition

This group is responsible for:

  • Continuing the work of and guiding the efforts of Downtown’s Clean Team program
  • Partnering and coordinating with the Oregon City Homeless Solutions Coalition
  • Fostering ownership and pride in downtown by advocating for all stakeholders to contribute to a clean & safe downtown
  • Organizing downtown clean ups as needed and monitoring the upkeep of landscaping
  • Making recommendations to DOCA and City about ways to facilitate a clean & safe downtown, especially how to address adverse impacts of illegal behavior
  • Monitoring best practices for regional and national clean & safe programs

Interested in the Clean & Safe Task Force?

Proposed hotel on Washington Street that DOCA advocated for.

5. Foster Downtown Growth

Downtown Oregon City is at an important juncture in its revitalization and the future looks bright! The Great American Main Street Award is a testament to the growth and change over the past ten years. Managing smart growth proactively can add to the downtown experience, create jobs, and provide economic opportunity for those that choose to invest in our district.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and creation of online business resource and recruitment campaign
  • Annual Market Research
  • Courthouse Relocation Task Force

This group is responsible for:

  • Advising DOCA and other task forces on ways to increase sustained foot traffic
  • Supporting the efforts of entrepreneurs and identifying and addressing barriers for business growth including planning, workforce development, access to capital, and right-sized space
  • Promote housing opportunities in the downtown
  • Proactively identify new businesses that strengthen downtown's business mix and ways to recruit them
  • Work toward a cohesive downtown plan encouraging infill development
  • Maintaining market research and data

Interested in the Development Task Force

DOCA is currently working with City partners to update Downtown's zoning code to allow for public nights & weekends parking. After code adoption, we will be working with downtown lot owners to make more parking available to the public.

DOCA is currently working with City partners to update Downtown's zoning code to allow for public nights & weekends parking. After code adoption, we will be working with downtown lot owners to make more parking available to the public.

6. Support an Accessible Downtown

Part of what makes downtown a unique destination and so beloved is what makes its continued growth such an unusual challenge. It is separated from the rest of Oregon City by a 100-foot bluff and bound by a railroad and busy state highway. Improving access requires more focus than a traditional downtown in the geographic center of the community.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Nights & Weekends Parking
  • Expanded Elevator Hours

This group is responsible for:

  • Partnering with the City on the Transportation Demand Management Plan
  • Identifying ways to improve connectivity for pedestrians to the new Cove Apartments, McLoughlin Neighborhood, and other adjacent areas
  • Finding cost effective ways to improve parking capacity and increase utilization of existing parking resources

Interested in the Parking & Connectivity Task Force?

Nebbiolo hands out candy at Trick or Treat on Main Street.

Nebbiolo hands out candy at Trick or Treat on Main Street.

7. Build a Strong Community of Friends

The work of Downtown Oregon City Association is not possible without dedicated volunteers and financial supporters. Ensuring community buy-in and a robust volunteer program keeps the heart of our city beating strong.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • Friends of Downtown Membership
  • Property Membership District

This group is responsible for:

  • Finding ways to capitalize on Oregon City’s pride
  • Recognizing and sharing the successes of our downtown community
  • Helping create a robust volunteer engagement program
  • Engaging the public to financially support downtown
  • Help ensure DOCA maintains high quality engagement with its stakeholders
  • Help strengthen DOCA membership perks and effective delivery

Interested in the Friends of Downtown Task Force?

Brewer's Grade performs at 2016 First City Celebration.

8. Leverage Summer Events to Build Awareness and Excitement

DOCA's most visible programs are its summer events. Summer events are image builders and some of Oregon City’s most loved traditions. Events are also DOCA’s largest fundraisers supporting the work of all of our task forces and goals.

Existing DOCA programs supported by this Task Force:

  • All major Summer Events

This group is responsible for:

  • Coordination of all DOCA summer events including First City Celebration, Oregon Trail Game 5k, and Oregon Trail Brewfest
  • Supporting partner events such as Car Show and Antique Fair
  • Proposing new or enhanced Summer Events
  • Supporting DOCA’s goals and strategies through events

Interested in the Summer Events Task Force?

Task Force Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with DOCA Board of Directors to:

    • Establish a 2019 3-5 year plan

    • Establish a 2019 work plan

  • Working independently and with DOCA staff to implement projects and initiatives identified on annual work plan

  • Collaborate with other Task Forces on shared projects

  • Members are expected to contribute time outside of Task Force meetings to support current work plan

Task Force Formation

All interested task force members are highly encouraged to attend the Community Brainstorm on Tuesday, August 21 at the Library. Click here to learn more and to RSVP. Sandwiches and snacks will be provided.

All Task Forces will first meet in the 2nd and 3rd weeks in September 2018. DOCA staff and board members will reach out to volunteers that RSVP to learn more about their interests and to further explain the responsibilities of Task Force members.

Want to know more?

Call Programs Manager Liz Hannum at 503-802-1638 or shoot her an email at liz@downtownoregoncity.org.