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Gift Card Program

After giving out $1,500 in gift vouchers to the winners of last year’s Snowflake Raffle and over $1,000 to international travel agents, we began to wonder — can we give the gift of downtown throughout the year? It turns out the answer is yes! 

Using the same technology that shopping malls use, we are able to offer gift cards year round without any paperwork or reimbursements. They work just like regular Visa cards. Other downtowns report tens of thousands in gift card sales per year - money that can only be spent in their downtowns. We want to bring this incredible opportunity to Oregon City.

A minimum of 20 businesses are needed to launch the program. Help us get this exciting program off the ground by signing up today!

Program Details

  • Anticipated launch date October 1, 2018 - just in time for the holidays!
  • Supported by seasonal marketing campaigns.
  • 40+ participating businesses anticipated.
  • Only redeamable at participating businesses.
  • Compatible with any credit card terminal.
  • Cards will be available for purchase at the DOCA office, online, and at least one other location.
  • Cards will be used as prizes for DOCA events and promotions. (e.g. 2018 Snowflake Raffle)
  • No additional transaction fees.*
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This is a presale form. By signing, you agree to join as a Friend of Downtown Member beginning on the date payment is received for a minimum of one year, provide additional membership contact information upon request, complete additional activation steps once program launches, and to accept gift cards. Terms of program are subject to change after initial membership year. Membership and activation fee are not refundable unless program is cancelled.

*DOCA covers any processing fees incurred by selling the gift card to the customer. $2 activation fee charged at time of gift card sale covers cost of card and helps offset other program expenses. Redeeming business is only charged standard credit card processing fees.

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