Downtown Oregon City Localopolis




Who? Amazing Businesses in Downtown Oregon City

What? Localopolis: An Evening of Hosting Local Makers

When? Saturday, October 7 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Where? Downtown Oregon City


  1. Free advertising through DOCA, participating businesses and participating makers.
  2. Maps with participating businesses will be provided for participants; using our combined networks will increase walking traffic and get new people into your space.
  3. Makers bring their support networks with them – people who support local makers also support locally owned businesses!
  4. It is fun !!!

Want to participate? Yay!

  • Let Danielle at White Rabbit or Sarah Vale at DOCA know that you are participating by September the 18th! or
  • Let us know if you have friends, family or community members that you would like to host (a little bio of what they do would be great!). Artist? Crafter? Musician? Designer? Photographer? Yes! Anything artsy and local !
  • If you would like us to place an author or artist with you, please give us the type/size of the space and how many you would are able to host.