Help Shape DOCA.

The DOCA Board of Directors is responsible for determining our agenda throughout the year, engaging volunteers, leading our various projects, building organizational support, communicating vision, and doing the bulk of our operational labor.

Board Member Duties.

Our board is a little different than that of many organizations. We view our board as our primary work team for accomplishing the tasks that give DOCA life, and the means by which we delegate efforts throughout the organization.

What is expected of our Board Members?

·       Learn about and promote the purpose and activities of the downtown revitalization organization. Determine the objectives and policies of the association.

·       Develop a long-range strategic plan

·       Attendance and Participation at our Monthly Board Meetings (held on the third Tuesday morning of each month)

·       Active participation in one Committee at any level

·       Volunteer Participation at First City Celebration and other special events

·       Participation in DOCA Operations management – including management of our website, social media, finances, public relations, email communications, and various other tasks that may arise.

·       Make an annual financial contribution to the organization through personal commitment and/or fundraising.

·       Maintain confidentiality with respect to the financial matters, corporate governance and proprietary information of stakeholders, partners, and employees.

This commitment can range from 3-10 hours a month on average, depending on officer duties and tasks at hand.

Important Board Member Qualities:

·       Problem Solver

·       Respected Member of the Community

·       Can Do Attitude

·       Collaborator and Team Builder

·       Organized

·       Committed to the welfare of all of Downtown

·       Specific Skills that complement the existing Board of Directors

Make a Difference.

DOCA needs YOU to run for the 2019 Board of Directors. We will be electing two to six new members to the Board to serve alongside the existing board.

If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board, please complete the following questionnaire and submit a resume to be considered.

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