2019 Action Plan

About the Action Plan

2019 marks the 10th year of Downtown Oregon City Association and the launch of our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. This initial action plan contains the goals and initiatives that we want to tackle first in support of our Strategic Plan. We need strong community support to make all of these initiatives possible. 

To learn about the strategic plan, visit: downtownoregoncity.org/strategic-plan

Organizational Excellence

2018 was a year of change for DOCA. In April, the Board of Directors opted to not pursue continued Economic Improvement District funding. And, and our Executive Director, of five years, Jonathan Stone, resigned at the end of the year. Great strides were made towards a full transition from the EID and we are happy to report that we ended 2018 on target with our budgeted goal by reducing costs and fundraising.

We are confident in the successful execution of our 2019 organizational action plan. With completion of these initiatives, DOCA will be in a strong position to execute all five years of the strategic plan.

2019 Goals

  1. Balance the budget

  2. Sustain current operations

  3. Increase organizational diversity

Initial & Ongoing Initiatives

  • Executive Director Search (Q1/2)

  • Fundraising Drive (Memberships & Sponsorships)

  • Renew City Contract for July 2019 (Q1)

  • Regular smaller fundraisers (Q1-4)

  • September 2019 Major Fundraiser (Q3)

  • Networking & Social Events (Q1-4)

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter (Q1-4)

  • Board Development Plan for Fall 2019 Elections to grow board and increase diversity (Q3/4)

  • Paid internship program (Q1-4)

  • Finalize Brewfest and 5K Partnerships (Q1)

  • Clean Team Partnership Task Force (Q1-4)

Build Community

2019 Goals

  1. Celebrate successes

  2. Enhance community engagement in our work

  3. Create a vision for the future of the courthouse

Initial & Ongoing Initiatives

  • Bi-monthly tours of downtown

  • Create a volunteer & business appreciation event

  • Annual community research

  • Clean & Safe program

  • Advocate for public process in courthouse redevelopment

  • Begin planning for 2020 Best of Oregon City™

  • Support public space & play task force

  • Expand merchandise program

  • Maintain holiday traditions

  • Maintain summer traditions

  • Elevator kiosk, expanded elevator ambassador program

Cultivate Commerce

2019 Goals

  1. Strengthen existing retail businesses.

  2. Improve opportunity for new retail businesses.

  3. Improve downtown accessibility.

  4. One housing development confirmed.

  5. Build business community.

Initial & Ongoing Initiatives

  • Advocate for or support:

    • Nights & weekends parking

    • Quiet zone funding

    • Prioritize housing on city-owned parcels

    • Courthouse redevelopment

    • City tourism plan implementation

    • Right-sized retail-ready spaces

  • Enhanced social media & marketing including gift card marketing

  • Prioritize $200k 2019 OMS Grant Application to cultivate retail.

  • Regular progressive events.

  • Identify and prioritize connectivity projects.

  • Regular industry social and networking events.