Property Membership District

As of July 15, 2018, the Economic Improvement District (EID) is the Property Membership District (PMD) program. The enhanced services made possible by the former EID and now PMD bolster downtown’s revitalization, accelerate property value growth, and help retain businesses. The PMD is a voluntary yet vital part of downtown's revitalization ecosystem.

2018 Goal

The Economic Improvement District historically raised between $60,000 and $120,000 per year. Under the current PMD, there are 129 tax lots with average membership dues of $904 per year. In the initial year of the Property Membership District Program we intend to raise more than $40,000 -- 34% of ratepayers need to participate. Even more need to participate in 2019 to maintain and grow the programs offered by DOCA. The PMD is supported by a business and community membership program which we intend to steadily grow over the next few years.

As of June 28, 2018, 40% of the 2018 goal has been raised. $24,000 needs to be raised in 2018 from property owners in order to ensure continuity of downtown revitalization programs.

If your property is interested in joining the Property Membership District, contact DOCA at

Property Membership District Map

EID District Comparison Maps3.png

Selected Supported Programs

Clean & Safe - Begun in 2015, the Clean Team patrols 30,000 s.f. of sidewalk every weekday and maintains 25,000 street tree lights that are lit year-round, were installed. During 2018, the formation of an advisory group will address impacts of the transient population.

Beautification & Grants - Last year, DOCA invested $75,000 in downtown facades through Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant and Micro Grant programs. In 2018, another $40,000 will be invested. In 2019, downtown will be eligible for $100,000 for reinvestment.

Advocacy - DOCA continues to advocate for policies, incentives, and the creation of programs for downtown. Key 2018 initiatives are the formation of a courthouse relocation taskforce and completing a pilot nights & weekends parking program.

Business Retention & Recruitment - By Summer 2018, a business recruitment and resource website will be launched. A supporting marketing campaign will target businesses throughout Oregon. DOCA also invests heavily in district marketing.

Other selected programs include - operation of the Municipal Elevator (under a separate contract with the City), producing major Summer events, and drafting and advocating for the adoption of a City Tourism Plan. Learn more about these and others at

Assessment rate By Zone

  1. $0.25/s.f. of lot, max $1,250 per lot

  2. $0.15/s.f. of lot, max $1,250 per lot

  3. $0.10/s.f. of lot, max $975 per lot

District Characteristics

  • 129 tax lots

  • $35.0 million total non-exempt assessed value